Conditions of registration

Industry professionals can make the most of the opportunities on the platform by giving insight into how their business works. To make it easier to find each other, register by filling out a comprehensive introductory questionnaire that will require company information, contact information, and answers to operational questions. For guest registration, only a few questions are required, however, guests only have limited access to the portal's features. The usage of the HFDA Spot and registration is free for all users.

What's the aim of HFDA Spot?

Created by the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency, HFDA Spot is free of charge and was made to make it as easy as possible for the players in the creative industry to get to know each other and find joint cooperation opportunities. Thanks to the interface, in addition to establishing professional relationships, it facilitates sales processes and also contributes to reducing labour shortages.

Why should I register?

In addition to designers, fashion designers and manufacturers, it’s also worth registering to HFDA Spot for those working in other areas of the creative industry. The diversity of the scope of using the platform depends mostly on the user. It can be used for professional networking, as a search engine for finding tender partners, and even for capacity optimization. The Job Listings menu bar also has a recruiting and internship search feature that can facilitate the recruitment process.



Premium Dutch fashion label in the high segment is looking for production of women clothing in the frame of a manufacturing agreement

2021. 03. 18

The company is searching for a manufacturer who can produce premium women's clothing for travelling, like suits, hoodies and t-shirts.

Fashion Match Supply 2021

2021. 03. 02

Following the footsteps of previous successful events for the fashion industry under the name "Fashion Match", Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is delighted to invite you to the first ever event dedicated to supply chains in the fashion business, logistics

Kemin Textile Auxiliaries’ Garmon Chemicals Brand Becomes First Textile Chemical Company to Produce its Own Enzymes for Garment Washing

2021. 02. 03

Kemzymes bring sustainability, performance and cost competitiveness to denim garment washing